Sanding Bands

If you need precision, control, and delicacy in your abrasive workflow, a sanding band may be the perfect abrasive for you. Available in a range of sizes, abrasive materials, and grit levels, you'll be sure to find the perfect sanding band for your needs. Cromwell stock a vast range of sanding bands from leading brands such as Ata®, Garryson®, Pferd®, and our exclusive brand York®.

Why use sanding bands?

Due to the various sizes available, and starting off with very small sizes, sanding bands allow foe extremely tight and precise sanding of workpieces. They are sometimes used in healthcare due to the small size, allowing for delicate manoeuvring. Sanding bands need to be used on a holder or mandrel (usually made of rubber or other deformable material) so be sure that the sanding band will fit your mandrel.

Sanding band types

Other than the size, the main differences between sanding bands are the abrasive material used. These materials have different use cases and excel in different scenarios. We have laid out the benefits and use cases below.

Aluminium oxide   -   Aluminium oxide is a naturally occurring mineral which is refined to make it into an abrasive material. These tend to be softer than the other abrasive materials on this list, so are more suited to general abrasive tasks.

Silicon carbide   -   Silicon carbide is one of the sharpest materials used in abrasives and can cut extremely quickly but are more friable and breaks down quicker so should be used in the refining process.

Zirconia   -   Zirconia (or sometimes known as zirconium oxide) are tougher than aluminium oxide and have good heat resistance, allowing them to be used in higher pressure applications such as on stainless steel.


Are all sanding bands the same?

No, not all sanding bands are the same. This is due to a variety of sizes, grits, and abrasive materials available which dictate where they can be used. You should check out our guide above to determine the abrasive material suited for your application and select the correct size for your sanding band mandrel.

What are sanding bands used for?

Sanding bands are a small and precise type of abrasive which can be used to obtain precise results on your workpiece. Due to their small size and ease of use, they have seen an increase for use in the healthcare industry such as in nail salons to help reduce nail filing time and achieve a consistent finish.