Adhesive Tapes

Used widely across specialist and generalist applications, adhesive tapes are a simple to use and cost effective way of adhering one object to a surface, or sealing your desired area. Here at Cromwell, we offer a wide range of adhesive tapes from our trusted, exclusive brands Avon and Kennedy as well as national brands 3M, Advance Tapes, Sellotape and many more.

What are adhesive tapes?

Adhesive tapes are versatile products used for bonding or joining objects together. They consist of a flexible backing material coated with an adhesive substance on one or both sides.

Why adhesive tapes?

Available to purchase in a range of sizes, specifications and types, adhesive tapes are simple yet effective in use.

When are adhesive tapes used?

Adhesive tapes are widely employed in various industries, households, and for numerous applications due to their ease of use and convenience. Specialist adhesives tapes are also available for more technical and robust applications that require specific resistance features.

Adhesive tape types

There are several types of adhesive tapes available, each designed for specific purposes. To help you to find the best type for your needs, we've broken down each type to highlight the basic features of each.

Duct tape   -   This is a strong and durable tape with a cloth or scrim backing and a rubber-based adhesive. It is commonly used for general repairs, sealing, and holding applications.

Electrical tape   -   Generally made from vinyl, electrical tape has excellent electrical insulation properties. Electrical tapes are used for insulating electrical wires and connections to prevent short circuits or electrical shocks.

Masking tape   -   Masking tape has a paper-based backing with a relatively low adhesive strength. It is mainly used in painting applications to protect surfaces from paint splatters and to create clean paint lines.

Double sided tapes and pads   -   This tape has adhesive on both sides and is used for bonding two surfaces together. It is commonly used for mounting objects, such as attaching posters to walls or joining materials where visible fasteners are undesirable.

Packaging tapes   -   Designed for sealing cartons and packages. They usually have a strong adhesive backing, such as acrylic or hot melt adhesive, and come in different widths and thicknesses.

Anti corrosion tapes   -   Anti-corrosion tapes are specially designed tapes used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. They provide a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements, thereby extending the lifespan of the metal. There are different types of anti-corrosion tapes available including Polyethylene (PE) Tapes, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tapes and Bituminous Tapes.

Hook and loop tapes   -   Hook and loop tapes, commonly known as Velcro® tapes (a popular brand name), consist of two components: the hook side and the loop side. When pressed together, the hook and loop components create a secure fastening system. Hook and loop tapes are widely used in various applications that require repeated opening and closing, repositioning, or fastening flexibility.

Considerations when choosing an adhesive tape

By considering these factors, you can choose the most appropriate adhesive tape for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

• Adhesive strength - Determine the required strength for your application. Some tapes have strong adhesion, while others are designed for easy removal or temporary use

• Backing material - Different backing materials provide different properties such as flexibility, durability, and resistance to various conditions like heat, moisture, or chemicals.

• Application surface - Consider the surface on which the tape will be applied. Some tapes are suitable for smooth surfaces, while others work better on rough or uneven surfaces.

• Temperature resistance - If your application involves exposure to high or low temperatures, ensure that the tape can withstand those conditions without losing its adhesive properties or degrading.

• Ultraviolet (UV) resistance - For outdoor applications, UV-resistant tapes are necessary to prevent deterioration due to exposure to sunlight.

• Waterproofing - If you need the tape to be resistant to water or moisture, be sure to choose tapes specifically designed for waterproofing applications.

• Health and safety - In certain applications, it is important to consider factors like non-toxicity, hypoallergenic properties, or compliance with safety standards.


What is VHB tape and why is it used?

VHB tape stands for Very High Bond tape. It is a type of double-sided adhesive tape manufactured by 3M. VHB tape is known for its exceptional bonding strength and is widely used in various industries and applications.

VHB tape is composed of a high-performance acrylic adhesive that is coated on both sides of a foam core. The foam core is usually made of acrylic, which provides a combination of strength, flexibility, and viscoelastic properties. This unique construction allows VHB tape to create strong and durable bonds between a wide range of substrates, including metal, glass, plastic, painted surfaces, and composites.