Adhesives & Glues

If you need a quick and efficient way of bonding materials together to give a strong and durable hold, then why not try our wide range of adhesives and glues? Choose from a variety of brands and sizes. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of wood glues, adhesives primers, and adhesive accessories from quick-drying Everbuild® bonding kits to Evo-stik® weatherproof wood adhesives.

Why adhesives?

If you need to fix something in a hurry, adhesives and wood glues offer a quick and affordable way of bonding materials together. For a more precise and cleaner finish, it may be advised to use an inexpensive adhesive accessory such as a nozzle tip for easier application. There is a wide range of wood glues and adhesives to choose from that are designed for specific materials. It is important to get the right adhesive for the job. The type of adhesive that you would need would depend on the surfaces which the adhesive would be applied, and the strength of hold required.

Adhesive types

There are 5 types of adhesives. As with any adhesive and wood glue, each adhesive and wood glues have many different features and come in many different combinations, so it is important to choose the right adhesives depending on the job that is required.

Retainers and Threadlockers - Threadlockers are used to seal fasteners together, to prevent the loosening of fasteners over time. Threadlockers are normally used on screws, bolts, and other fasteners to prevent leakages or corrosion from occurring. Whereas retainers tend to be stronger than threadlockers.

Adhesive Accessories - For a more precise and accurate finish it may be ideal to use some adhesive accessories such as a dispenser tip or an application gun.

Adhesive Activators and Primers - Activators are great for filling in large bond gaps and can decrease curing time. Whereas primers can help smoothen surfaces for a better finish.

Adhesives- Adhesives are designed to bond two surfaces together. The type of adhesive that you would need depends on the materials that would need sticking, and the strength of the hold required.

Wood Glue - There is a wide range of wood glue types, each wood glue varies in strength depending on the bonding application that you would be using it for.


Where are adhesives used?

Adhesives can be used on a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, rubber, glass and many more. It is always advised to look at the manufacturer's guide for more details on what adhesives are best for the material that you would be using it for.